The James Gang

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More about The James Gang

It seems to almost be a rule of human nature that little boys grow up believing that “real men” never cry, never fear, never lose, and never back down from a fight. Such a perception can lead to a rough and difficult life for a young man. A quick search on the internet will reveal that these characteristics do not actually appear on the lists that define “real men.”

It is not enough, however, to merely know the traits that define a real man; they must be lived in daily practice. It could be advantageous to sit down with other guys to talk about challenges of life that may war against some of these characteristics and behaviors. That is where The James Gang can help.

The James Gang meets Tuesdays from 8:00-9:00 AM in the food court at Arbor Place Mall. This is not counseling or therapy. It is not an intervention, nor is it a how-to-share-your-feelings workshop. It is designed to be an informal, practical way to keep motivated in living for the betterment of our community.

Though it is Christian-based, The James Gang is not in itself a Bible study, and the focus is not ‘religion.’ Rather, the emphasis is on right living as moral and ethical individuals in a society that needs real men to step up. You are invited to give it a try next Tuesday.

For more information, call 770.949.2152 or email [email protected].