Advent Bible Study Series

December 7 7:00 pm

There was no room in the inn.  Depending on the version of the Scripture, there are as many as 783,137 words in the English Bible.  But these 6 words have stimulated the imagination of music composers and literary authors for centuries.

The Bible does not tell us why there was no room.  It does not identify the innkeeper, and in fact, does not even acknowledge that there was a hotel manager at all; and certainly, no mention of his wife.  We are not certain that there were other hotels in the town.  All we really know for certain is that there was no room in the inn.

Yet, have you considered the crucial role that inn plays in the Christmas story?  It was a birthplace.  It was a hiding place.  It was a place for worship.  It was a place filled with Messianic symbolism.

Six words about a place that tells its own unique story of the birth of the Christ.  The Inn.  The poignant question is not whether you have room for Jesus, but are you giving Him his rightful place in your life?

ZOOM with us over these  Advent Thursdays, we will hear the age-old story from the context of the Bethlehem Inn.  Let’s give prayerful focus as we consider the role we are allowing the Savior to occupy.