From the Pastor

Where will your life take you in 2019?  This question pertains to those who believe man is powerless to change his destiny; that he is doomed to a come-what-may life.  For those who are convinced, however, that God grants each person the freedom to choose, the more pertinent question becomes, “Where will you take your … More From the Pastor


Last words: some are quite sad, some are extremely powerful.  January Sunday morning sermons from our pastor will focus on last words spoken by persons in the Bible to offer encouragement, wisdom, and strength in this teaching series, ENCORE.  Join us Sundays at 10:45am.

The James Gang

It seems to almost be a rule of human nature that little boys grow up believing that “real men” never cry, never fear, never lose, and never back down from a fight.  Such a perception can lead to a rough and difficult life for a young man. A quick search on the internet will reveal … More The James Gang