Christmas Eve

Our Advent 2018 will culminate with a Christmas Eve worship service at 6pm.  Heaven’s Song is a song of deliverance, of salvation – Jesus Christ, our Savior, is born!  God gave the Song, the melody that cannot be silenced.  It is a song for the ages; always in tune, always in time, always perfect.  Come … More Christmas Eve

School Pal Packs

The Church of the Nazarene operates numerous primary schools around the world, providing quality education for children.  Many of these children would not have the supplies needed for school without our assistance.  School Pal Packs provide the basic necessities for these students, and our goal is to provide 40 of these packs which will provide … More School Pal Packs

This is How We Ride

Allow trials to develop your character – James 1:2-4 Consistently live by your principles – James 1:22, 25 Respect every person – James 2:8 Speak with kindness and consideration – James 3:5 Develop friendships that thrive on honesty and confidence – James 5:16

The James Gang

It seems to almost be a rule of human nature that little boys grow up believing that “real men” never cry, never fear, never lose, and never back down from a fight.  Such a perception can lead to a rough and difficult life for a young man. A quick search on the internet will reveal … More The James Gang

Men’s Ministry

We are looking for men who desire to grow in their Christian faith and who desire to put their faith into action.  Living as a disciple of Christ is not for wimps!  Jesus declared that those who desire to be His disciples must deny themselves and take up their crosses, and follow Him.  Real men … More Men’s Ministry