What to Expect

We are a smaller community of believers (less than 100) with open arms and a warm, friendly welcome.

On Sunday mornings there will be a variety of clothing styles, from ladies dresses to slacks or jeans and blouse, and men’s coat and tie to jeans and shirt.  We encourage you to dress in a style that is comfortable for you.  People attending Sunday evenings and Wednesday Bible Studies dress in a casual style.

Small group Bible classes are open to all ages, enabling time for fellowship and Bible study.  Coffee and light snacks are available, and classes for children and youth are categorized by age/grade.  All classes begin at 9:45am.

The Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:45am, and there is an evening worship time at 6pm that creates a nice way to end the Lord’s day.

The music (congregational singing) is a blend of traditional hymns and newer worship songs.  The musical instruments are not loud and overpowering; currently the accompaniment includes keyboard and acoustic guitar.

An monetary “offering” will be received as an act of worship to God by passing an offering plate down the rows of seats.  Guests may participate in this portion of worship, though it is not necessarily expected.

Dr. Callis is a “teaching” preacher with practical insight into the Word of God.  He typically focuses on a monthly series of messages that follow a particular theme.  Sermons normally run 30-45 minutes, and audio recordings are kept on file for those who may want to hear a sermon that they may have missed in a given series.

You can expect…
1. To meet friendly, caring people.
2. To hear the uncompromised truth of God’s Word.
3. To find answers for your spiritual needs.

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